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Ostara Floral & Black Reversible Bodice

Ostara Floral & Black Reversible Bodice

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If you are between sizes or your bust and waist are different sizes, choose the smaller size. You can always loosen the cording as I provide plenty!

Before ordering, please measure yourself to ensure you are choosing the right size for you. Here is a quick link on how to measure.

How long will this take?
Ready to Ship will be sent out the following Tuesday or Friday. 

What is a Bodice?
Bodices are often worn over clothing such as a chemise or dress which is why they are typically made in such decorative prints. In the renaissance period, the peasant class wore a simple bodice or kirtle over a chemise and skirts tucked under. Each are made with boning and meant to be strung tightly to support the back and lift the chest.

These can be used in so many ways, the top being worn on a visit to your next Ren Faire! I will throw one on with a blouse and jeans or skirt to make a modern outfit. There are many ideas and I would love to see yours!

Fabric: 100% cotton in all four layers. Bias edge is also 100% cotton.
Comes with modesty panel, but is not necessary to use.
Additional materials: spiral steel boning, black coated metal grommets, black ribbons or cording 5-7' depending on size.

*made in an environment with a dog and light fragrances.

Returns & Exchanges
For Ready to Ship pieces, we offer exchanges within 30 days of delivery for any Ready to Ship item or a code to spend the same amount on a future purchase. Please read the policy for further details.

Shipping is included within the continental US. Can ship outside of the US if buyer pays for shipping.

Shipped with instructions for how to break in the boning and care.

Size Chart in Text (all numbers in inches)

Yarrow: Bust 30-32 Waist 22-24 Front 10
Ash: Bust 32-35 Waist 24-28 Front 10
Blackthorn: Bust 36-38 Waist 28-30 Front 10
Cinnamon: Bust 38-40 Waist 31-33 Front 10
Damiana: Bust 39-41 Waist 34-36 Front 10.5
Eyebright: Bust 41-43 Waist 38-40 Front 10.5
Fumitory: Bust 43-45 Waist 40-42 Front 10.5
Ginger: Bust 46-48 Waist 43-45 Front 10.5
Hemlock: Bust 48-50 Waist 45-47 Front 11.5
Ivy: Bust 50-54 Waist 47-49 Front 11.5
Juniper: Bust 54-56 Waist 49-51 Front 11.5
Sage: Bust 56-60 Waist 52-54 Front 11.5
Lavender: Bust 60-64 Waist 55-57 Front 12

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