This fashion label is inspired by the historical modistes and tailors who designed clothes to fit around their patrons. They had patterns for the latest fashions, but they were only starting points and still needed to draft the sizing to the specific shape and curves of the people they were creating for.

This is what I am bringing back, one pattern at a time. I have started with the basic Renaissance bodice and drafted 13 sizes. From there, I am able to shape based on the needs of my client. This is so important to me to bring joy to those wanting to wear these. No matter your shape, gender, costume, daily wear...let's make magic together!

Custom Made Bodices

All bodices are made with four layers of fabric, spiral steel boning, metal grommets installed with smooth precision so there are no snags to ribbon or undergarments, and laces with ribbon. These are handmade by myself!

(image collab: @thehypegoblin_)