How to Wear

Whether you are new to wearing corsets or you have a many lining your drawers, here are some tips on how to use the ones from The Dark Modiste.

floral bodice on top of white fuzzy blanket

Bodice: How to put on

Part 1: This TikTok video shows how to prep your bodice from the moment it comes out of the package through loosening the laces.

 Part 2: This TikTok video takes you from the steps of slipping on the bodice to tightening, including using the stomacher.

Part 3: This TikTok video shows you what to do with the excess ribbon and straps.

Bodice: How to take off

This TikTok video shows how to take off the Dark Modiste bodice from loosening the lacing to slipping out of it.

Bodice: How to lace up

This TikTok video shows how to lace Dark Modiste bodice. This is helpful if you are changing the lacing or if you require the lacing to come off in order to put the bodice on and take off.