How to Care For

Seasoning Your Bodice/Stays

What does seasoning mean? This is breaking in your item so that it learns your shape.

Have patience, this takes time. The first time you wear your item, tie them to a comfortable tightness, but nowhere near constricting. Wear them for 1-2 hours before slightly increasing the tightness. Wear for another 1-2 hours, then take it off for the day. Each wear, increase an hour. This should take about two weeks if done every day. By that point, you should tighten your bodice to no less than a 1/2” gap. Average is about 1-2".

Care for Bodice/Stays

Air out after each wear, never roll your item as it will ruin the seasoning you worked so hard on! Either lay flat or hang up. Wear another item of clothing (chemise, shift, etc.) between the item and your skin to prevent chaffing and having to clean the item.

Cleaning Bodice/Stays

Attempt to spot treat first. Always use a mild laundry detergent if needed. Between cleaning, you can use a spray of 3 parts water and 1 part vodka for the stinky parts (armpits usually).

Wearing/Tearing of Bodice/Stays

Over time, and with regular wear, sometimes you will find holes where the boning rubs. These are made with two layers of fabric (one broadcloth and one duck canvas) on each side of the boning to prevent this from happening too quickly. Those are easily fixable with a quick patch or embroidery darning.

Washing Skirts

All cotton used on skirts have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk using fragrance free detergent. This means that you can wash your skirts with no concern of major shrinkage. I do recommend cold water wash to retain colors and delicate drying to prevent fading.

woman in black dress and floral bodice sitting on fall leaves in forest holding charms and book