Sizing to Fit YOU

This shop is built upon the memory of modistes and tailors of long ago. Their patrons would enter the shop knowing they would have a piece created especially for their body, all of the wonderful curves, shapes, and lines that came along with it. Patterns were a starting point, the fabric still draped to build beautiful gowns and tailored suits.

(model - Cordelia Size Lavender)

This is what I hope to provide a piece of today. There are ready to ship pieces and should your measurements fall into the size or right above or below, great. Grab the size or the one below and off you go!

If your measurements cascade over more than two sizes, let's chat! I want to custom make a bodice that will fit you. I mean it. You may be a bust size Yarrow and a waist size Blackthorn, great! You might be bust size Ginger and a waist size Damiana. Okay! I will make you beautiful bodices that will be made to fit YOU!

(model - Bunny Size Blackthorn)