Sizing to Fit YOU

This shop is built upon the memory of modistes and tailors of long ago. Their patrons would enter the shop knowing they would have a piece created especially for their body, all of the wonderful curves, shapes, and lines that came along with it. Patterns were a starting point, the fabric still draped to build beautiful gowns and tailored suits.
This is what I hope to provide a piece of today. There are ready to ship pieces and should your measurements fall into the size or right above or below, great. Grab the size or the one below and off you go!
If your measurements cascade over more than two sizes, let's chat! I want to custom make a bodice that will fit you. I mean it. You may be a bust size Yarrow and a waist size Blackthorn, great! You might be bust size Ginger and a waist size Damiana. Okay! I will make you beautiful bodices that will be made to fit YOU!
To help you envision what you may look like in a Dark Modiste bodice, below are models in various sizes with notes of their measurements and body style.
Model: Tyler P. (Bust 30"/Waist 24")
Tyler is wearing this bodice with the top few laces open to allow the blouse under to pop. Although this size fits Tyler well, they are wearing it in a way that serves a very sheik look.
Model: AshaAung H. (Bust 34"/Waist 27")
Asha is wearing the bodice and the body fits them like a glove. You will notice the straps are a little far away from the top of the bodice. Their shoulder to chest distance is longer which extends this. I would recommend a custom fit to extend the straps by 2".
Model: Ev D. (Bust 38"/Waist 29")
Ev has brought the fantasy into this style. They are wearing the bodice with only half the lacing tied to allow the denim top to ruffle. They could easily tighten this to a snug fit should they wear a top that has less fabric, but this is stunning and bring so much movement and fun to the look! They kept the strap lacing tight to lift the bodice higher as well. If the straps were let out, the bodice would drop lower, but in this look, it isn't needed!
Model: Amy M. (Bust 38"/Waist 32")
Amy is wearing this bodice in the most natural form. 1-3" between sides is great and they are not wearing a modesty panel as the fabrics under are similar colors. 
Model: Ashe (Bust 40"/Waist 39.5")
This is a mockup of a shorter style! Ashe is rocking this and we might see this in the future!
Model: Jillian B. (Bust 45.5"/Waist 38")
Jillian is wearing a bodice with skirts over the bottom part which is a common style: chemise, bodice, skirt.
Model: Nature (Bust 52"/Waist 47")
Nature is wearing the bodice in an unconventional way that is stunning! The bodice is pulled further down to under the bust (causing the straps to be further away), but this gives a great silhouette.
Model: Nika D. (Bust 54"/Waist 44")
Nika's measurements indicates Ivy which is what they are wearing below. This shows how squishy bodies can go down many sizes even with an item that is unstructured like a bodice. Nike is able to go down to a Ginger, but the Hemlock is perfect for a comfortable fit. 
Model: Cordelia (Bust 64"/Waist 57")
Cordelia rocked this bodice and was our first to model the Lavender. This is worn without the modesty panel to show off the gorgeous top underneath.
(Photos combined are taken by Charles Cadwallader, Erika McCracken and Keri Rico)